March 03, 2021

Exploring Laguna as a Home for Retirees

When nearing the retirement age, there’s no escaping the question of where to spend the rest of the golden years. For those who have lived in a fast-paced urban area all their lives, the idea of finally moving somewhere quieter, calmer, and greener seems more and more appealing as the days go by. 

Outside Metro Manila, there are plenty of suburban areas emerging as hotspots for residential developments. Countryside living south of the metro, specifically in Laguna, offers you the chance to move to a laid-back environment with no trade-offs. Laguna is thriving economically, offering accessibility through the arrival of various establishments. This burgeoning province where peace and convenience are accessible is an ideal home for retirees.   

Quickly Escape from the Bustling City

Laguna is a few hours away from Manila via South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), offering a quick escape from all the metro’s busyness. The serene atmosphere and vibrant greens will greet you once you step foot in the province. You can also expect themed residential developments, such as Valenza Mansions in Sta. Rosa, converging aesthetics, functionality, and leisure in one community. These new developments are strategically located near major thoroughfares, allowing for easy travel to the metro. As such, living in Laguna makes sense if you want to be in a tranquil environment without losing metro accessibility. 

Live in the Growth Center of Laguna

Dubbed as the “Makati City of the South,” Sta. Rosa is a booming district in Laguna, known for its vast industrial estates. These include Laguna Technopark and Greenfield City, offering a home to manufacturing companies, light industries, and auto-related businesses. Strings of commercial establishments and mixed-use developments are also filling the city, complemented by modern residential communities. All of these make Sta. Rosa a thriving city in a more organized and calmer setting.

Consider Residing in a Condo Community

The rapid growth of Sta. Rosa also led to the arrival of innovative residential developments like condominiums. A great example would be Crown Asia’s Valenza Mansions, an Italian-inspired condo complex located within a 20-hectare exclusive and gated community. While detached dwellings are still popular among would-be retirees, choosing to live in such a condo community has its own benefits.

Less maintenance work comes out as one of the primary benefits of living in a condominium. You will no longer have to take care of the house’s exterior or spend so much time cleaning the interior space. Condo units may be more compact than single-detached houses, but this results in fewer responsibilities and more time to do the activities you love. 

Retire in Style at Valenza Mansions

Minimal maintenance work and recreational amenities are just among the many features you’ll enjoy when living in a condominium like Valenza Mansions. This mid-rise low-density development naturally evokes a calming atmosphere and offers plenty of open spaces for a more luxurious feel. To upgrade modern suburban living, every corner is inspired by the Old European charm — simple yet elegant. Future residents can take in the beauty of the Italian-inspired architecture and stunning cityscape from their balconies.

Retiring in style at Valenza Mansions also comes with a high level of security. The development uses advanced safety systems, such as CCTVs for 24-hour security monitoring, while common areas are equipped with fire alarm and smoke detector systems.     

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