March 03, 2021

Low-Density Condo: A Smart Residential Option Amid a Pandemic and Beyond

When looking at condo options today, you’ll often be greeted with two types: high-density and low-density condominiums. Low-density buildings only have a few units, so there is less noise and more space. Meanwhile, a high density condo typically has a tall building structure with more units and more residents, creating quite a bustling residential environment.

At the age of a pandemic — wherein social distancing is the new normal — it’s clear that a low-density home environment is ideal to have. Even if COVID-19 and its variants are all in the past, the beauty of a low-density condo won’t fade. Here are some of the reasons why: 

Exclusivity Meets Elegance

Since low-density condos only have a few units, living here warrants a more “exclusive feel.” These residential buildings are the perfect home for professionals, families, or even retirees looking for peace and quiet. For some low-dense condos, this tranquil home environment isn’t only achieved by having a few units. Valenza Mansions, for instance, is a low-density condo situated in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The laid-back ambiance of the South meets the exclusivity of a low-dense residential community, so you’ll feel like in a whole new paradise.

Apart from the calming, exclusive feel, Valenza Mansions is also known for its Italian-themed surroundings. The building architecture, greenery, and common areas are designed to embody the elegance of an Italian city. This shows that low-density condos can be as grand and prestigious as their high-density and high-rise counterparts. 

Indulge in a More Intimate Atmosphere

Residing in a low-density condo means there are fewer people you’ll have to interact with. As such, you can get to know each one better and afford the time and energy to be close to them. This results in a more close-knit community, where genuine and meaningful relationships are made. 

Of course, with the global pandemic in the background, there’s no need to socialize with others right away. But as soon as things go back to normal, you’ll look forward to the convenience of interacting with residents in a low-dense condo community.

Lifestyle Amenities Remain

Despite having few residents, low-density condos like Valenza Mansions don’t cease to provide the best possible residential experience. Lifestyle amenities remain, and you can expect better use and more enjoyment. For example, residents won’t feel crowded when using the pool or gym facilities. There’s also a small chance of someone hogging the amenities you want to use, allowing you to spend more time doing the lifestyle activities you love.

Low-Density + Low-Rise = The Ultimate Condo Option

A condo with a low population density doesn’t automatically make it low-rise. But if you can find a condo that’s both low-density and low-rise, such as Valenza Mansions, that would be ideal. This combination gives you a higher level of accessibility and comfort — two of the most considered factors when finding a good home. A low-rise condo with 3 to 11 stories also makes an excellent option for those nearing their golden years. It’ll be easier to get to the unit, and there won’t be long queues and waiting times in the elevator anymore.

It’s settled: you can still live a high life even in a low-density and low-rise condo. Considering its exclusivity, peaceful atmosphere, and relaxing amenities, this kind of residential option is nothing short of quality.


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