March 03, 2021

Palladianism: An Effective Architectural Style to Establish Luxury

Palladianism is a European architectural style that was first used in 17th century Europe. Palladianism is an evolution of Andrea Palladio’s design, a Venetian renaissance architecture that combined Greek and Roman techniques in his works. Most of Palladio’s notable works are in Venice and Vicenza in Veneto, Italy. Palladianism heavily relies on symmetry and proportions to maintain a clean and classical look for its exterior design, combined with an extravagant interior design. Most palladian buildings have an austere architectural style for their exterior design, creating a mysterious and minimalistic vibe. Palladianism became associated with luxury when noble architectures started using it to design homes of well-known aristocrats in Britain during the 18th century.

How Palladianism is Incorporated in Contemporary Styles

Because of its popularity and exquisite style, Palladianism has inspired many European architectural styles, making it one of the inspirations for modern villas, especially in Italy. Palladianism uses classical Roman techniques and mathematical calculations for the buildings’ symmetry and Greek ornamental designs and color schemes, creating a sturdy foundation that can hold sizable buildings with hundreds of ornaments. 

One of the Palladian style’s trademarks is the Venetian windows. Venetian windows have a tall circular arch and two rectangular holes on each side. Venetian windows were often incorporated in significant establishments and villas of aristocrats during the 18th century, making it one of the symbols of the “old rich.” 

As a multicultural country, the Philippines is among the countries that are fond of using European-style architecture to establish luxury. In the country, various exclusive subdivisions and residential buildings use European-style architecture to attract the upper and upper-middle classes. Among the famous European-inspired residential buildings is the Valenza Mansion, situated in Santa Rosa, Laguna. Valenza Mansion is an apartment complex with an Italian-inspired architectural theme. Palladianism is evident in Valenza Mansion’s exterior design and color theme. Valenza Mansion’s balconies are shaped like Venetian windows fused with contemporary style, while its paint is composed of neutral colors, giving the building a luxurious ambiance.

Palladianism is primarily evident in modern Italian architecture as it is predominantly used in one of Italy’s trademarks; Venice. Palladianism’s historical value is also one of the reasons why most modern designs use Palladianism to establish luxury in their designs. Palladianism is a type of neoclassical architecture that combines two of the groundbreaking styles in the ancient world, which involves patience and dedication to master, adding to its value.

Today, most luxurious real estate properties maintain a minimalistic approach with one to two key ornaments in their exterior design and incorporate various elegant furniture and details on their interior designs, similar to Palladian style. This style is used to assert exclusivity as outsiders can only see the austere exterior without having a clue about the extravagant interior of the building. Exclusivity is one of the most effective techniques to establish luxury. High-income consumers are willing to pay hefty amounts to be included in exclusive features, making it one of Palladianism’s influences in contemporary architecture.


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